Saturday, August 4, 2007

Is this legal?

I've resorted to putting my kids in a cage! Me and the fam trucked it to Toys R Us yesterday in search of a contraption to keep my 8 month old in a confined space. Like I have said before she crawls to anything and everything she shouldn't. Cords are her favorite and the cable box. With all the packing in my near future I need somewhere to put her where I know she will be safe. She likes the cage for now but I'm waiting for the newness to wear off.

This weekend I will begin to prepare for my departure from Beaver Pond. Most of you have heard me speak of my beloved rental house, few of you have seen it in person. There's a reason for that! While I am extremely grateful that the Lord has provided us with shelter for the past 3 months, I will be sooooooo glad to leave this place.

Here are things I will NOT miss about Beaver Pond:

  • The fact that many many college guys have called BP their home so it creeps me out to imagine what has gone on inside these walls
  • I will now be able to go without my flip flops at all times. I have yet to walk the floors of BP barefoot.
  • The one burner on the stove that works properly.
  • The water that is either HOT or COLD!
  • The guy next door who mows his yard right by my window at 7 am the morning after I am done with boot camp!!:(
  • The copperhead snakes who inhabit our backyard.
  • The fact that everytime A or MK crawls across the floor I cringe.
  • The fact that no matter how hard I scrub or clean BP is never clean.
Ok, enough complaining. Like I said BP has been a roof on our heads and a place for us to live that is close to Traditions where hubby works and our new house is unerconstruction. It has been a blessing.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Alisha Beard said...
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Alisha Beard said...
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Alisha Beard said...

OK...let's try this again....what I tried to say was that you left one off the list...don't forget the lingering cigar smoke, courtesy of my hubby and pals!

brickmomma said...

that is TOTALLY legal!!

i asked my husband, ha!

Love your list, sounds charming :)