Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sad day in Aggieland

Yesterday was the much anticipated 1st Aggie game of the coach, new era. Excitement was all around.

The girls donned their Aggie attire

Our friends the Hueske's came in for the day (we swam, we ate, we played, we posed on the front porch...)

Ally and Noah

Molly and Jaycee

Geoff was thrilled that he and some buddies were all going to the big game together. Jason (Hueske--Geoff's friend from HS and college) and fam came up, as did Stephen (Geoff's roommate from college who is also the brother of Geoff's sister's husband:), and David (brother-in-law).

Here are the guys right before leaving for the stadium. Notice the smiles.

Stephen, Geoff, David and Jason

When the guys returned there were no smiles. The Ags lost 18-14 to ARKANSAS STATE! Needless to say it's gonna be a long, hard season.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Adventure with Super Bee

At Molly's school they have a special treat. Every day "Super Bee" goes home with a special boy or girl who behaved and had a super day. Molly has been eagerly awaiting "her" day! Yesterday when I picked her up she lugged this huge bee into the car ready for an adventure. Part of the treat is you have to take Super Bee on an adventure...write a story (mom's job) about what he did and draw a picture.

So...we took Super Bee to the pool. He got to ride in a golf cart and watch Molly swim underwater from a chair. He was nice enough to take care of Molly's glasses for her while she was swimming and keep an eye on Ally's Dora.

We topped off the night with a trip to one of Molly's favorite restaurants, Fish Daddys. According to her, they have the BEST chicken tenders ever. Super Bee enjoyed watching the fish in the fish tank.

Molly slept with Super Bee last night, when we went in to check on her before we went to bed, she had her arms tightly around that big huge bee. Congrats Molly Kate!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Uncle E (aka Erik)!

A big Happy 28th Birthday shout out to my little brother Erik!

Even though Uncle E loves longhorns we love him anyways:)

Here is E with Molly on her "birth"day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sushi and Sweat

Tonight we enjoyed our every other month Dinner Club. There are 7 couples and we alternate who decides where we go.(There are 5 couples in the pic as one couple left already and one didn't make it to dinner.) This month was Atami (Japanese Cuisine). We all sat around the hibachi and had a great time. A big thank you to the Lingren's for organizing and to Scott for making me try his scorpion roll. VERY yummy. I was not a fan of sushi but have realized I do like certain kinds (the kind without seaweed). And thank you to the Wests for suggesting our walk over to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream dessert:)

So that's the sushi on to the sweat.

Our AC is broken. Luckily our house has 2 units--one on each side. Our bedroom, guest room, kitchen and playroom are all NO AC! The girls rooms are fine as well as the Living room. Last night I slept on Molly's trundle and Geoff on the couch. I apologize to all who have ever slept on the trundle. It was like a rock. I woke up at 3:15 and contimplated waking up my child to see if she would switch beds with me:) I didn't,I let her sleep comfortably. Tonight I vowed to sleep in comfort no matter the temp. We have 3 fans blowing on our bed so we will see. Let's all pray that Nacho (the AC guy) comes tomorrow to fix the problem!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Go Kappa

My parents are in town visiting. Tonight Geoff and I took advantage by going out to dinner -- alone! We hit up Pei Wei, along with several of the what seems like millions of Aggies who have invaded our city within the last few days. (I have almost gotten hit by a few of these crazy drivers -- another story).

On the way home we swung down sorority row. Rush was just winding down. I think tonight was bid night. They do it differently than when I went thru rush um, 12 years ago!!

Anyways, as we got close to the bank, I mean the Kappa house, lots of memories "RUSHED" back to me:) The KKGs were partying on the back porch, live band, bouncy house, strobe lights....ok Aggie Kappas, did we ever get to do this??? NO!

Anyways, yes I pledged Kappa in the Fall of 1996. Small town girl who didn't know a single soul. What a blessing for me. I made some wonderful friends and have so many good memories. I can only pray that there may be a quiet, scared girl at that KKG party tonight who encounters such amazing friends as I through the organization.

Turner, Gilley, Karin, Croft, Jarvis, Lackey --- I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!

(I have scoured my computer for a good pic of all my Kappa buddies--if only I had a scanner -- here is all I can find--missing Gilley (she left sick) and Karin (who is out of the state)--we added some extras... but Bottom: Croft, Jarvis, Turner Top: Lackey, Turner's friend Lindsey, Me, and Turner's friend Annie)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A day for play!

This morning Ally had a playdate with her friends while Molly was at school. Waverley and Jenna came over to play (and Mommy's talked) for a while. The girls had a good time as well as the moms.

After school Molly and Ally hung out looking at recipes in a Cooking for Kid's cookbook.

Molly had a playdate with friends from school at The Bounce (sorry no pics), she had fun running around and burning some energy. We left Ally at home with her a good time was had by both of us;)

On another note, Molly has her first test tomorrow at school. Her memory verse. She has done super memorizing it!
Psalm 47:2 "How awesome is the Lord most High, the great King over all the Earth"
I videoed her saying it, but I can't get it to upload. I'm asking for a new camcorder for my b-day next month, so let's cross our fingers:)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bye-bye Perfect Attendance

On the third day of school (today) Miss Molly woke up with lovely Pink Eye. So our perfect attendance is out the window on day #3. We are just hoping that this ickinesss won't spread to the rest of us. Maybe her glasses will act as a barrier.

Have a great Friday!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Portraits from PreK

Today was the day. Molly started PreK. I know it's not official Kindergarten but it was emotional for me. She will go Monday-Friday (8-3), I am picking her up early a couple of days a week.

She is going to the greatest Christian school. It is right across the street from our neighborhood. Geoff will take her to school on his way to work everyday and then Ally and I will do pick up in the afternoons. She has wonderful teachers and is very excited -- especially about the playground.

She got up this morning eager to begin school. My tears had already been flowing from the night before. I don't know why. It's not much different from her preschool last year (3 days a week). It's just the thought that she's another year grown up independent. She didn't really even want us to walk her to her class this morning.

She tells me she is shy around new people. She is not, she got her daddy's outgoing personality. Hopefully she will never be persecuted for shyness like her mother was (long story--I was labeled a snob before I even knew what that meant, I was severely shy when I was younger).

We dropped her off at 8:00 only to be called at 8:30...she'd had an "accident",needed a change of clothes! GREAT. Back to school (thankfully right across the road). When I went in it turned out to be really nothing at all and we didn't even need to change her clothes...but she was the line leader for today and her class was walking down the hall. She was surprised to see me and a little ticked that I pulled her out of Line Leader duty. But in the confines of that hall restroom, I hugged my little girl close, as her face beamed from her excitement of the first 30 minutes of her school career. Then I watched her hurriedly return to her spot as the line leader. As I pulled out of the school parking lot her class was walking outside (touring the school I suppose) and I watched so proudly my precious firstborn-- the one who made me a mom, smiling as she listened to her teacher. I'm so proud!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

You can call me Mom!

You can call me Mom. I drive a Volvo. A Volvo SUV!
I drove to Dallas yesterday and got my new ride this morning! I downsized from my Expedition (remember the one that didn't fit in our garage!). I love the new car. I feel like a Sporty Mom!

And growing up, my good friend Allison's mom always drove a Volvo, so I hope that I can be a cool mom like Nelda:)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Edouard brought us some rain...maybe Daddy will stop complaining:)

Loving Life at Lost Pines

We took the girls to the Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop. We had a great time. We only stayed for one night...which was perfect for us. If you haven't been and you live in BCS or anywhere for that matter and have kids it is a must!!

They are so family oriented. Great pool, slide, lazy river.
Great spa...facial was awesome, put me right to sleep.
Good food and ice cream (we had 4 desserts after dinner!!)
Activities...smores, pony rides, bike riding, playground, movies, etc.

Going on vacation means you get to:

Watch Finding Nemo in your swimsuit while waiting on (ah hem) Daddy to finish eating!

Float down the lazy river and go super fast!!!

Wear a matching hat like your sister and enjoy an ice cold beverage...(daddy had an adult beverage...notice right!)

Gallop in the open plains...only pretending of course!

Rock in a rocking chair while one sister looks astonished, the other looks annoyed!

Stand next to a ginormous tree and bask in it's hugeness!

Roast smores with your daddy!

Eat the smores and make a mess!

Looking out at the Colorado River.

Practice our front rolls

Run, Run and Run some more

And Fall!

Not a Kodak moment:
-Ally waking up and screaming at 2:55 a.m. ...solution move to bed with Daddy.
-Daddy making us evacuate Lost Pines at 8:30 am due to Tropical Storm Edouard.

All in all...a FUN trip.

New Look

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