Saturday, February 28, 2009


My mom and dad came to town this weekend for the Armadillo Dash 5k. We also had planned to use this weekend to move Ally out of her crib. So...we moved Molly's twin bed/trundle into Ally's room and Molly got my old bed from my parent's house. It is an old wrought iron bed that I got when I was 6 and used until I got married. So now it belongs to my oldest daughter. Crazy that someday she may give it to her daughter.

Both girls got new bedding and accessories, so they are both enjoying all new rooms.

Here is Ally's room before.

During the redesign.

Ally's Room After Photos.

Molly's Room Before.

Molly's Room After.

And all is well with the Myers girls...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What a pain!!

Ok...a couple of things going on in the Myers Household these days.
#1 - I have a pain in my back

(not an actual picture of my back!)
I have been running since early January and am so excited that the Armadillo Dash is coming up March 1st. Well, a few weeks ago I tweaked my back and since this past Monday I have been having severe back pain. I have had to cut back on my running and visit a chiropractor for the first time. I got adjusted and will return on Monday. He thinks it was that darn trail in Waxahachie that is a different surface (it is concrete rather than a track that I have been running on) that has caused this severe pain. I will attempt to run on Monday and then back for another adjustment.

#2 - Many many of you know about what is going on with Geoff's short, lots of changes are occurring at his work, new developers are buying the project and we are unsure of our future here. We are praying that God will provide us with complete clairty and peace about with regard to Geoff's work, whether I should return to work, where we should live, etc. Please pray for our family as this has been stressful for the last couple of months and will be in the coming weeks as well.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Perfect Date

Molly and her Daddy finally went on their date (since they missed the Daddy/Daughter dance). Molly chose Red Lobster. They had a fun time. Molly Kate is so blessed to have her daddy...and I am so thankful that he can show her how she should be treated on a date.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sickness and Flying Solo

Well the flu bug has hit the Myers household in full force. Geoff (the only one in the family to not receive a flu shot this year) is bed bound. I think he started getting sick on Tuesday and by Friday had a high fever and had to stay in bed. Kelly V--no worries, I had him sequestered and locked in the bedroom when Brayden was over playing!! Mommy has had to fly solo and take up a new residence in our guest bedroom.

The saddest part of the whole sickness is that Molly and Geoff were supposed to go to Brazos Christian School's Daddy/Daughter dance on Saturday night. She has been so excited about this date with her daddy. Geoff thought he could recover enough to take her for a while, so I picked up her corsage and his boutonniere.

We curled her hair...but then the news was no good. Still a fever, so no dance. She took it like a trooper and she and Daddy have a date for later this week to Fish Daddy's.

Doesn't she look precious...this isn't what she was going to wear to the dance,but this is after we fixed her hair!

Since we are stuck at home (the girls have colds) I decided to give this potty training a one day experiment. Ally is in her big girl Elmo panties for the day. This is what I did with Molly to finally have her potty trained. We are up in the playroom and I hauled the Baby Bjorn potty seat up here with us so we'll see what she does!! She'll either go in the potty or all over herself....I'll keep you posted!!