Monday, February 25, 2008

Is it summer yet?

The Myers girls (especially their Mom) are so ready for summer. Last week we purchased a golf cart. I emailed with the sales guy quite a bit. My only request was that the cart make it to the pool and back.

We are ready to pile all of our pool gear on the cart and more loading wet kids kids into the hot carseats. Now, if I can just get back my bikini body:(

If you wanna hitch a ride and hang out at the pool with us let us know....we will be there often!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

From the mouth of Ally Myers...

Ally is starting to talk, so precious. I know a year from now I will pine for the days when she couldn't talk, so that she couldn't talk back, be disrespectful,etc. But for now, I am enjoying listening to her growing vocabulary. Here is a list of her words:
- Mama--Mommy, Molly, milk, paci, more
-Puh Puh--Puppy
-ByeBye-- Bye Bye:)
-Hi--Hi (she says it in a hick voice like 'ha')
-Ta tu ma--Thank you Mommy!!!! My very favorite!!!!

There are more, but these are the cutest ones.

Just wanted to share.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How many of me??

My mother-in-law sent me this website to determine how many of you there are! There are supposedly 262 Emily Myers in this world. Crazy! How many of you are there?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pray for the Patch

Molly had an appointment with her pediatric eye doctor in Austin yesterday. Things went well. Since she has been diagnosed with her eye condition 1 year ago, she has steadily been improving her bad eye. This time that had leveled out, meaning since her last appointment in September, things had not really improved. So.....we have to patch her good eye for 1 hour every day. He says she is not going to like it because her good eye is covered, so basically she won't be able to see much at all. But we have to do it to strengthen her bad eye.

Mommy: Molly you get to wear a patch just like a pirate.
Molly: No, I don't want to.
Mommy: It will be fun.
Molly: No, I never want to. I'm not.


Mommy: Come'on let's give it a try
Molly: I have a bad feeling about this

She wore it for a while last night but said she couldn't see. This morning she woke up not wanting it again. I explained to her that she only had to wear it for 1 hour, that's like 2 Doras! Not to school, not around friends, etc. Daddy suggested that she decorate her patch with jewels, etc. Good thinking Daddy! So we'll see how this goes.

Please say a prayer for Molly that she cooperates. This is important in her not having to have surgery on her eye and for her future use of her eye!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Enemy

This is THE ENEMY.
We got this for Christmas. I had been wanting one for years! Yesterday marked the 5th time (at least) that I have nearly amputated a finger! Geoff has made me step away and not use it anymore! Me and sharp knives apparently aren't good together.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day from The Myers. Unfortunately it has gotten difficult to take good picture of both girls together. This morning Molly was very sad that she had to wear her V-day shirt as it was red and red was not her favorite. So here is the best of them together and one of my baby munchkin saying "Cheeee"!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Fairtytale...

Once upon a time a beautiful princess, Molly, got ready for the ball (Daddy/Daughter Valentine's dance). She wore a beautiful princess dress and was very excited.

Her thoughtful Prince Charming (Daddy) got her a wrist corsage of her favorite colored flowers, purple and pink.

She was so excited she kept telling the Prince..."Thank you for my flowers!"
The princess and the prince posed for a couple of more pictures before they left for the ball.

The princess practiced a few twirls and
got in the carriage (Camry) and drove away!!

The prince was too nervous about losing the camera at the ball, so we have no more pictures. But a great time was had. Dancing, eating, playing, making V-day crafts!

Poor sister had to stay home with Mommy but she got to eat her favorite, Mac and Cheese! Maybe next year she can go to the ball as well!
And everyone lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The cook and her helper

Took a picture of Molly aka Sleeping Beauty making some Valentine's cookies today.
It would not have been possible without the help of her trusty assistant...
(notice the open drawers, which was followed by pulling out all sorts of stuff!)

Molly's different glasses are a result of Ally breaking her other ones on Sunday during the Super Bowl. Molly is not happy that Ally broke her favorite Barbie glasses and I am upset that no one seems to sell them or any similar in this town! We found one pair that are pretty close but we are waiting until we go back to the eye doctor in Austin next week to make sure her prescription doesn't change before we spend the $$ on a new pair. I guess we've done pretty good. She's had them for almost a year and this is our first breakage! So until we get the new ones, Molly will be wearing her spare pair, her Dora glasses, that make her (in her words) look "weird"!