Sunday, September 28, 2008

Red Carpets, an Aggie Victory & Thirty-onederful!

The Myers have had a busy weekend here in Aggieland.

FRIDAY-- (Red Carpets)
Geoff and I attended a function for the Jr. League of BCS. It was a Charity Ball Preview Party at David Gardner's Jewelers. Fun times. Red Carpet treatment. Afterwards we crossed the street for a late dinner at Abuelos with Woody and Whitney (The Wests).

The Wests and The Myers enjoying a night on the town without any kiddos!

SATURDAY -- (Aggie Victory)
Saturday the girls attended their first very Aggie Football Game (real game...they have been to the Maroon and White Scrimmage in the spring). We were graciously given awesome tickets and a superb parking spot by our neighbors and friends (The B's). We found The Wests and tailgated for a few minutes before the game. Molly who usually eats like a bird, just loved the spread that Mrs. Whitney had laid out!! Thanks West Family!

Ally, Waverley and Molly cheering for the Aggies!

The girls lasted through almost 3 quarters as the Ags squeaked by with a win over Army.

SUNDAY -- (Thirty-onederful)
Sunday I turned 31. I am borrowing the "Thirty-onderful" phrase from Jennifer and Jamee who are much older than I am (2 weeks)!! I can't believe I am closer to 40 than 20!!! Scary. Anyways, I had a low key birthday as Geoff had to work. We skipped church (because he had to be at work a little early) and hit up Blue Baker for breakfast. The girls were extra sweet today and would bring their toys and say here's your birthday present Mommy!!

We went to dinner at Pei Wei while Molly was at AWANA. Geoff, Ally and I had a nice dinner. When they handed us the number to take to our table so they could bring us our food---it was 31!!! We also went to Best Buy so I could use my gift card and get my b-day present--my mini-camcorder I've been eyeing!!

Me and my girls after a yummy b-day breakfast.

All in all a good weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In a rut

Not much to blog about lately. Getting into our super busy fall routine. School, dance, kindermusik, bible studies, football games, open houses, etc.

Molly has started AWANAS at church this year. She was excited to get her Cubbies vest last week.

Molly and I drove to Austin and back today for her eye appointment. Nothing to's the same, no better, no worse. So that's good I guess.

Ally is doing great...talking up a storm. Lots of new words. Maybe I'll get that video camera I've been wanting for my b-day on Sunday and I can put up some footage of her blabbing away.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cabo Trip

Well, we had a wonderful trip.
Tropical Storm Lowell gave us lots of rain and clouds and wind the first 2 days. So we enjoyed long naps and spa treatments:)

Then the sun came out and we were loving it. Lounging by the pool overlooking the ocean. Awesome food (found another sushi I love!), dinner cruise, shopping, snorkeling, golfing, etc.

We got there on Tuesday and on Wednesday had to make a decision about whether to leave on Thursday (to get back before Ike) or to stay and miss our flight home on Saturday. We took the chance and stayed. Luckily we did get Fox News in our hotel and it was quite scary watching the storm hit via TV and internet.

On Friday we were contacted by Continental to change our flight to Monday... so we extended our stay. Then on Sunday I called Continental to make sure all was well...the flight was cancelled. They could rebook for Wednesday. I was crying to this poor Mexican lady on the phone. They refunded our tickets and we had to search for last minute flights on another airline to DFW. We ended up having to pay quite a bit and got a flight to Phoenix then Dallas, then drove to BCS. We got home around midnight!! What a trip.

I will say that Cabo was wonderful, beautiful...recommend to all.

I am thankful that my friends and family are all safe and those we know in Houston recieved only minimal damage and some are without power, but everyone was kept out of harms way.

Home Finally

We arrived in Bryan at around midnight last night. Long trip, long story...will be back later with pictures and such!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ike and Lowell

Hurrican Ike -- Tropical Storm Lowell

Not my friends.
We leave for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in the morning. Ike is threatening our arrival back in Houston on Saturday, I know there are worse things than being stranded in Mexico, but I will be ready to see my girls, so I dont want to be stuck!!

Lowell is heading for the Mexican Baja! We've talked to friends that live in Cabo who say it's no big deal.

Pray for our trip, that it's safe and fun!! And a lot of sun and a little rain/wind wouldn't be so bad either:)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Way to Go Eagles!!

Brazos Christian held its first ever home football game on its new field last night. We all went and had a good time. Molly enjoyed seeing all the festivities, she sang the fight song and cheered --- GO Eagles, Fight Fight Fight!! Well, they did, they beat Snook 30-0!

Ally did her best to not get plowed over by the players!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me Too Mommy

One of Ally's favorite things to say is "Me too Mommy!" Meaning everything Molly does she wants to do!
Well Wednesday she got to start her school too.
She was very pouty before we left but was running down the hall to her class. When asked what she did at school that day her reply was, "I play babies!"
Pooh attended school as well, as the kids were supposed to bring their favorite bear. Pooh was the first thing I spotted as we were rushing to leave;)