Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Literally Running down Memory Lane

I am in Waxahachie (my hometown) visiting my parents for a few days of spring break. Not to get behind in my running, I joined my dad and his friend James for their morning run. Well, they ran their own route and I ran mine;) Anyways, lots of crazy thoughts and memories filled my 57 minute run this morning. For those Hachie readers I started at Getzandaner Park and went on the new trail for about 5 miles...

1. I started at THE park of my childhood. I remember playing here as a child, on the swings, on the merry go rounds, racing thru the trees with my friends. Lots of birthday parties, dance recitals at the Chautauqua Auditorium, hikes thru the trails, cheerleading pictures days, etc.

2. Along the trail and around the corner is Waxahachie Cemetery...which used to be a scary place. I ran by the house next to the cemetery and as an adult, am quite sure that normal people probably live there. I ran by the grave of my highschool sweetheart Drew. He was killed in a car accident at Christmas our Sr. year and the patch of grass in front of his headstone caught many of my tears.

3. Beyond the cemetery was Richards Park. Home of Waxahachie Indian Baseball. As a child I would go to the park with my best friend Gretta because her older brother played ball...in those days we socialized behind the locker rooms rather than watch the games:)Into high school, lots of springs were spent in the stands cheering for friends and boyfriends. Senior year I did stats for the team and spent a good bit of my time in that dugout with those smelly ball players. Wonder if Coach Midkiff ever figured out I had no clue what pitch was being thrown (I did the pitching stats), but that his son, Jason was my sidekick, and told me every time:)

4. Past the ballpark and close to downtown...what a unique little square. I could see the famous courthouse that many correlate with Waxahachie...I remember field trips there as a child learning all the details of how it was built and the stories of the faces around the building. I remember coming home from A&M and seeing that courhouse from I-35 and knowing that I was "home".

All of these memories came to me thru my run and made me appreciate this little town even more.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks Mimi and Pops!

After the room redo a couple of weeks ago, Mimi decided that Molly's room needed a new rug, so we found this beautiful flower waiting on our porch on Wednesday (courtesy of Mimi and Pops). Molly loves it and even decided the exact spot it needs to be and much to Mommy's persuasion will not allow it to be placed anywhere else. She pretends that she is Thumbelina and lives within the petals!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bargain Blitz 2009

Last Saturday the Jr. League of Bryan College Station held it's annual Bargain Blitz.
Here are some of us ladies hard at work:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

So today was Wacky Wednesday at Molly's school. They are celebrating Dr. Seuss this week, so today they were to not wear their uniforms, but to dress totally crazy. This is what Molly came up with to wear. Her princess sister was happy to send her on her way for the day. So happens that Molly also had a dentist appointment today, so I had to explain at the dentist office (to almost everyone)that we usually do not dress like this!