Monday, September 24, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

One thing we never thought about when we built our house. The garage. We loved the look of the 3 car garage, each bay with it's own door. We love it! Until the other day when I finally cleared enough space to get my car parked in there. Well guess what? My Expedition is too BIG!! Too wide. The mirrors on the side prevent me from ever parking in my garage. Well not ever, that is if I wish to get out of the car each time I come and go and manually fold in the side mirrors.

So we have been trying to figure out what to do. I am a major proponent of garages. So I must park in one! We have toyed with buying a new car. I LOVE my car, don't want the hassle of a new one. Today I talked to the Ford dealership who say it's possible (how possible we will see) to add power folding side mirrors to my car. I would much rather pay the not so cheap price of adding those and being able to park in my new garage than forking out all the cash to buy a new car when I LOVE mine already! Keep your fingers crossed. My Expedition has an appointment on October 5th to see if he has the proper wiring to have this surgery:)


brickmomma said...

a quandary for sure!

good luck with that.......i would love to park in my garage....maybe i will ask for that for christmas!