Thursday, October 25, 2007

What do you do?

Sorry. I have been horrible at keeping up with this thing!! I promise to try to do better!

Ok, today after MOPS I stopped by Michaels (the store) with the girls. I needed some picture wire to hang a picture in our entry way. Thought, easy in, easy out....NO! MK got ticked off because she didn't want to leave the store, she wanted to look at the "toys." So she took off running (aka: sprinting) thru the store yelling, "You're not gonna catch me!!" I am carrying A (all 25 lbs of her) and I have on high heeled boots, running after her! uuuugggghhh. This child! Needless to say after several minutes of running thru aisles, we left. I took her favorite toy away when we got home, we'll see if she ever pulls this again.

On a more positive note...these are some pics from our trip to the Houston Zoo last week. We had a great time...both girls really enjoyed it!


brickmomma said...

You post it so others can laugh with you!!

I want to see some ariel and sebastian pics....they were adorable~!

The Wests said...

Girl, I don't know what to do! But Waverley has started the terrible twos at age 1! See you Thursday.