Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blessed by Friends

This weekend has been fun catching up with old friends.

Friday night, my good friend/college roommate came into town and while her hubby was playing poker we headed out for a yummy dinner. Geoff thought it was hilarious that we dressed almost identical. Green sweater, jeans, brown boots! Did I mention we are both Emily?

Me and Emily Turner Leigh

Saturday the girls and I drove to Houston to see my friend Julie's 3rd baby girl, Aubrey

Me and Aubrey Shawn Wimberly --she loves me, do you see that smile?

Her mom comes around and she just cries:)

Molly and Melissa --friends from in utero.

Ally and Kelsey -- friends from birth.

Thank you to Julie's brother and sister-in-law from letting us all hang out for the day:)


Julie said...

We loved seeing you all too! The girls had so much fun.