Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks Mimi and Pops!

After the room redo a couple of weeks ago, Mimi decided that Molly's room needed a new rug, so we found this beautiful flower waiting on our porch on Wednesday (courtesy of Mimi and Pops). Molly loves it and even decided the exact spot it needs to be and much to Mommy's persuasion will not allow it to be placed anywhere else. She pretends that she is Thumbelina and lives within the petals!


Lisa said...

Love the rug!!!! That Mimi...pretty lucky to have her:) I love that Molly's sweet imagination!

Jenny Seymore said...

So super cute! I think I would need that rug if I were decorating a baby girls room. The girls look to be excited about spending time in their rooms...who wouldn't if they were decorated so cute?