Friday, April 17, 2009

Elephants, Eggs, and Ear Infections

I know, I know, I promised to be a better blogger and it's been too long AGAIN! My mom has been on my case to get some pictures up here, so in taking a break from cleaning my house, I'll try to post a blog before Ally wakes up from her nap.

We had a fun, long Easter weekend. It started on Thursday with a surprise trip to the circus for the Myers girls. The circus was at 7 and at 6 we told them we were going. They were super excited. We had 2nd row seats and got to see all the action up close. Molly liked it, but she had already been to a circus before. Ally was in awe. This was her first experience. She just sat and watched, ate her popcorn, and clapped all the time.

Here are the girls watching the circus....Molly LOVED the cotton candy...Ally wouldn't even try it...go figure.

Our view of an elephant!

On Saturday, the day before Easter, we headed to Waxahachie to spend Easter with my family. Ally was running a high fever all weekend --- turns out it was an ear infection, so Easter Morning, my mom opted to stay home from church with her. But she HAD to put on her dress....

Here are the girls with Nolan at Mimi and Pops house.

Geoff's sister - Jessica - also known as Aunt Sisi, drove to Wax from Dallas to join us Easter morning.

When the sun finally came out we headed out back for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Jamey and Nicole brought Wii over and Molly loved the bowling game!

Isn't my nephew just precious? He is 16 months and so much fun:)

Ok--one more pic-- not from Easter. Today was Field Day at Molly's school. After being outside for 2 hours they had to move the events indoors due to the rain. When I got there they were already inside, so the only pic I got was one of Molly and her very best friend in her class, Beth. What cuties.

Ok - Ally is officially taking her longest nap EVER- going on 3 hours, thank you rain!


The Wests said...

Yay for blogging! The girls look precious in their dresses.

Jenny Seymore said...

Such sweet girls. I've been wanting to take Lucas to the circus for quite a while now. Maybe soon. How fun!

Tammy Myers said...

The dresses are VERY pretty. Hope the ear infection is better. Aunt Sisi is looking good too. She needs a blog too so I can keep up with her! Take care. Love you all.