Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Crazy Life

Since school started I can basically use one word to describe life at the Myers House. CRAZY! We stay super busy -- school, bible study, gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer practice, soccer games, Aggie gamedays, and on and on!

My poor car is only 1 year old and has 22,000 miles on it. Just from driving all over town every single day. Considering my girls are only 5 and 2, I know it will only get crazier. Even though it's hectic, I love it!!

Molly started soccer this year at our church through the Upward program. She is on the Leopards team. Their first game was rained out so Saturday was the first one. Despite stepping in fire ants minutes before start time she did well...She runs and keeps up with what is going on during the game (more than I expected her to do) but she is not aggressive at all -- we need to work on getting in and there and getting the ball!! She did look super cute in her uniform -- that is super important!

After the game we went up to Waxahachie to visit a special new member of our family. Last Monday (the 14th) my cousin Nicole, who is like a sister to me, had her 1st baby. My mom called at 5:30 to tell me she was in labor. Luckily Geoff was off that day and I drove to Dallas just in time for Emma Kaye to arrive. I got to hang around and hold her for a while then drive home that night. The girls were anxious to meet their new cousin. We took them to meet Miss Emma on Saturday and Saturday night I got to pull an all nighter and let Nicole and Jamey sleep. She is soooo precious!

Her owl hat assures she is a future Kappa for sure:)


Mary said...

You're a rock star for keeping baby Emma all night! What a great gift to give new parents!

The Barnards said...

I love the pic of Molly and the goal. I want one. You should be a photographer. Also love the one of Miss Emma. Too cute!!!