Monday, October 5, 2009

Dallas Game Weekend!

The Ags played Arkansas in Dallas this last weekend. Geoff and I had a fun weekend staying in a hotel, shopping, eating, -- all without the kiddos. My parents were nice enough to watch the girls for us. Saturday (game day) we met my college girlfriends and their husbands for lunch before the game. Then Ashley, Preston, Geoff and I headed to JerryWorld aka Cowboy Stadium. Nathan, Geoff's friend came with us as well.

My cousin's husband's brother (did you get that straight?) has a Cowboys Season Suite and hooked us up in a suite for the game. What a fun experience!

Eating at Pappadeaux before the game!

That's a big screen!

Ashley and I enjoying the game despite the fact we were losing!

Preston, Nate and Geoff living the "Suite" life.



Mary said...

I was jealous that you were there BEFORE I knew you were in a suite! Wow what a great way to see the new stadium! I don't really watch the game???? but I'd love to see it! Your parents are so sweet to watch the girls :)

Kelly said...

Wow, that is totally awesome! I would love to see a game there, much less in a suite like that. haha Glad you had a good time, even with an Ag lose.

Warner Family said...

SOO JEALOUS!! That's all I can think to say!