Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blowouts to Bears

Yesterday was a crazy day for us Myers. It started with the "New Life..New Plan" motto and me and the girls hitting the gym for step class at 9 am. We left the gym and headed home only to have a blowout on the way home. Luckily we were in our neighborhood and not on a busy highway or something. So I pull over and Molly get's out to see what's going on. The tire was so flat, all the way to the rim. Molly starts yelling, " We have an emergency!!!" Luckily someone from Geoff's office came and rescued us and took us home. We took the car to the dealership and got a new tire. We thought it was a faulty tire (thus covered by warranty) because it exploded from the inside out...but apparently I drove over something...go figure.

After the car saga, Molly was back to dance class after the Christmas break. At the end of each class the teachers choose the little girl who was good, listened well, and did an overall good job that day to take home the class bear for the week. This caused much drama in the beginning weeks of class. Molly would get so mad that she didn't get it. Well yesterday was her day!! She came out of class with her head held so high holding that bear. She was so proud and I was too. She did such a good job. She kept saying, "I am so happy!" I am proud of how she is maturing and starting to behave much better (most of the time).


brickmomma said...

I attribute all that maturity to her incredible preschool teacher...ha ha ha! Today I was so goofy I appeared 3 myself!