Friday, January 4, 2008

New Life...New Plan

Molly eating her PB and J sandwich at lunchtime.
(The necklace on the head is a new trend she has started)
Ally eating--- not much--- for lunch.
My girls being silly, as usual.

That's our new family motto. We adopted the saying from a dear nameless friend. Molly even says it several times a day. Like most families we are on a new health plan for the new year. We joined a gym today!!! I am excited. Geoff and I haven't been gym members since we were first married. I always thought Molly was too little to stay in the childcare and then by the time she was big enough I was pregnant, and so on...the excuses go on and on.

We are vowing to exercise regularly and eat better. I have 20 lbs to lose to get where I was in March 2006 when I got preggo with Ally! That's a lot:(

Any motivational advice out there???

Oh and speaking of "new", I bought a new camera! It's so are a couple of pics from today!!


brickmomma said...

Where are y'all working out? Good plan...but 20lbs? You'll disappear! My sister starts round 4 or 5 of boot camp on Monday....