Friday, March 7, 2008

Catch up.

Lots of things happening in and around our household....
-Bargain Blitz is over! It was a hard 3 days, but we did it! We were able to raise over $20,000! Yay! Bargain Blitz is Jr. League's annual rummage sale, I was on the committee this year.
-Ally had her 15 month check-up (yes, she is almost 16 months old). She is a growing girl, off the charts for height. Although, I think that has something to do with the fact that she's really almost 16 months and not just 15 months old and her hair and bow add an inch or two!
-It snowed this morning in Bryan...not much,but Molly and Ally were excited to see the flakes.
-Molly is doing great at school. They held their Rodeo Day this morning. Lots of fun was had, and only a few tears were shed. That's great for us.
-We are getting ready for Spring Break. Heading to Waxahachie on Sunday. Looking forward to our visit, I haven't been there in almost 2 months! That's a record for me. Geoff and I are staying in Dallas one night for some relaxation, shopping and fine dining.

Here are some pics from our life lately. ( I have a picture of me from Blitz in the dumpster (yes, lovely) but it's on Geoff's phone, so we'll see if I can get it on here eventually).

Molly trying on her Cowgirl Boots!

Molly and Ally-Loving Sissies

Molly looking out the dining room at the snow. "Why does it snow in springtime?"

Hoe Down! Molly and Kaleigh twirling and spinning!!

Coldest Hayride ever! Guess who forgot their coat? ME!

I don't want this about a bite Daddy?


Jennifer said...

Hey! Glad you found me! See you guys tomorrow. :)