Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mommy decisions are hard!

For the past few weeks/months we have been going back and forth with our decision regarding Molly's school next year. I love where she is and would love to keep her there. However, the private school across the street (where she is def. doing Kindergarten) has an excellent Pre-K program. It will be super convenient for her to be so close. Geoff can see the playground from his office window. And we've heard it's very beneficial for them do PreK there if they will be there for K.

Anyways. She will go everyday, all day. 8-3. It breaks my heart to think that she's already starting school so soon. I can't believe I am at this point in parenthood already. Shouldn't she still be potty training or something?? (NO!) My days with her have been so precious and I'm so sad that they are ending so soon.

I can't imagine the basket case I will be when school starts! No mascara for me for sure.

Just posting about this because we had one of our final meetings with admissions today about her testing she had to do. Which she did very well on by the way.

Any advice from mommies who've been thru this before??

On a happier new diet/exercise regimin is paying off. Down 6 pounds in 2 weeks!! Only about 10 more to go to reach my goal!!


Susan said...

Hi, I know we talked about this at the museum field trip, but I can totally relate. It is hard to not have them with you every moment. There is not a day that goes by that I do not long for those toddler years with both of my kiddos! Hang in there!

Kelly said...

Well I am 1 year ahead of you. Brandt is in Pre-K, and the things they have taught him there this year are unbelieveable. I love where Brayden and Molly are this year, but there is not comparison on what she will learn and mature into. I am fortunate enough that I am there all day as well, so I can go peek in on him if I want. The 1st week was hard, but it gets way easier...I promise!