Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Weekend!

This weekend, my cousin Nicole got married. We were busy with the lingerie shower on Thursday, rehearsal on Friday and wedding on Saturday. We relaxed at the pool on Sunday and came home on Monday.

The wedding was a huge success...the bride was BEAUTIFUL!! (Sadly, I have no pics of her--but Laura will hopefully send me some!!) Molly was a flower girl for the first time and did great. I was matron of honor so I got to keep Molly under control during the ceremony!

Congratulations Nicole and Jamey Barron!!! Hope you're having fun in California!


Jennifer said...

Wow! You look beautiful in your dress. That makes me want to go on a diet! Glad you had a fun weekend. I miss y'all already! Hope to see you this summer and next year.
Ally's (self-proclaimed) fave teacher,
Mrs. Jennifer

The Wests said...

You guys all look so great! Glad it was so beautiful and so much fun!

brickmomma said...

Fun times!

Tell Molly I thought she was precious!

Hannah and I get to do the same thing in October.....

Susan said...

Yall looked so pretty! What a fun weekend!!