Friday, May 30, 2008

She is her Mother's Daughter

Molly has a new habit.

Almost every night she wakes up (usually around 2 or 3) and quietly crosses the entire house in the dark, comes into our bedroom and stands by our bed. Not a word is said, not a sound is made. I think she stands there for a while before just so softly touching the bed. I am a light sleeper so I wake up to find her right in my face. She can't sleep, her room is too bright, she's had a bad dream, etc. So I carry her back into her room and come back to bed only to be paranoid for an hour or so that she's back!

According to my mom, I did the same thing. I remember her talking of waking up to me just standing there staring at her. I can't get too upset with Molly knowing that this habit stems from me!

I wonder what else she will inherit from me?