Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Off our Rockers!

Yesterday was a crazy day at the Myers house of drama... 2 stories.

1. Geoff is off his rocker.
We moved in our house in September. Those who know me well, know that we started this building process when Ally was exactly 1 week old (November). For months we painstakingly designed our home. Picking out every little minute detail without the help of a designer. We drove to Dallas to Houston...getting tiles, picking out light fixtures, etc. I LOVE our home.
Yesterday I came home with the girls from the pool at a little after 5 pm. Soaking wet. Get a call. Some people are coming to see our house at possibly BUY it!!!!! Now I built this house knowing it was an investment, but I am not quite ready to move again. I was a crazy (staging)...keeping the girls occupied and changing out of wet swimsuits. The house looked great, then I thought, maybe I should make it look bad!! Our house is NOT for sale. Geoff has been working with a particular family who are house hunting. They are not finding what they want. However, when they describe what they want, it sounds just like our house. So they looked. We haven't heard anything yet...will keep you posted!

2. I am off my rocker...I smashed poor Ally's thumb into a step stool. I didn't realize her thumb was stuck in the part that folds together. She sliced her finger and thru her fingernail! UGLY! We cleaned it and put her to bed with a Dora bandage and she was fine. I got online and read that nail injuries need to be evaluated in the ER. I called the oncall nurse and she said the same. she said they'd have to remove her nail!!! So we get her up at 10 and off to the ER. Our wonderful neighbor Penny came and stayed while Molly slept. 3 hours later...$200 later...neosporin and a bandaid and your good to go. No nail removal, thank goodness, I don't think I could hand that. So Ally has a boo boo thanks to mommy:(


Jennifer said...

What a crazy day for you guys! Glad Ally's nail is good to go and Molly's boo boo is okay as well. Too cute! Matching bandaids.

brickmomma said...


The Wests said...

yes, the drama definitely has transfered back to the myers family

Lisa said...

Oh ny goodness...have you heard anything yet???? Better you than me...I would already have had a stroke by now.