Friday, June 6, 2008

Preparing for Departure

Friends...I need your help.

The Myers are leaving on Tuesday for a vacation. The 4 of us. Driving to Dallas, flying to Boston, driving to Maine. Spending a few days in Kennebunkport. Hanging out with Geoff's sister, Jen and family as this is their summer home.

We have never flown with 2 kids. The last time Molly flew she was Ally's age. I am starting to pack and get things organized.

Any travel tips for me? We didn't get Ally a seat on the plane. I am pretty nervous about the flights. Using our miles we didn't get a good choice of flight times. We leave DFW at 6:30 a.m.! When we fly back we leave Boston at 9 pm and arrive at DFW at midnight! NICE!


The Wests said...

The portable DVD player was a lifesaver on our flight in March. And lots of snacks, of course!

Karri said...

Hi there! We go to Central and my husband is an airline pilot. I have been flying with my son since he was 6 mos. old. He is now 5, soon to be 6.

I recently got him a backpack that has wheels on it for a flight we took to Tulsa. In it I packed his L-Max, a soft blanket, a drawing book and LOTS of snacks. I started bringing a blanket for him because most of the time he will sleep on the plane at some point, and it always seems to get cold once we get up to altitude. Since we fly standby, I never know when we'll get stuck somewhere, so I always prepare.

I would also suggest a sippy cup (nothing worse than having someone spill something in your lap on the plane). Pack a coloring book/crayons and maybe some small, lightweight books, or just some blank paper to draw on. If you are still carrying a diaper bag, pack LOTS of wipes..they come in handy for all kinds of things. And also pack a change of clothes (nothing like a diaper blowout in the airport/airplane..ask me how I know).

Keep in mind that if your older daughter has her own seat, she is allowed a carry on..hence the backpack. Pack one that she can wear or pull on wheels herself..otherwise you'll have something else to carry. Also, if you buy those small gerber baby juices at the store (they come in 6-packs), and put them in your diaper bag or backpack, security usually will let you take them through if you are traveling with young children. I would always take them out of the 6 pack and stash them in various pockets all over the diaper bag or my purse. This way, you always have some juice and you aren't at the mercy of the flight attendant to get drinks for the kids. Also, with the sippy cup, you can ask for juice/water from the FA when she comes around with the drink cart..they usually have apple, orange and cranberry juice. (at least Continental does)

Well, I know it's a long post, but this is what I've learned from 5 years of flying with a baby/toddler. Hope it helps and hope you have a great trip!


Jennifer said...

Be careful, and have fun! Every time Ally saw me today, she would squeal. She doesn't know my name, but it was so cute! Take enough diapers that if you get stuck with a big layover or delayed flight, it doesn't matter. My sister lives in Mississippi, and she always runs out of diapers, because they're in her suitcase! I hope you guys have a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the pics. Still her fave teacher (in my own mind),
Mrs. Jennifer