Saturday, September 6, 2008

Way to Go Eagles!!

Brazos Christian held its first ever home football game on its new field last night. We all went and had a good time. Molly enjoyed seeing all the festivities, she sang the fight song and cheered --- GO Eagles, Fight Fight Fight!! Well, they did, they beat Snook 30-0!

Ally did her best to not get plowed over by the players!


Nicole said...

Hello! I found your blog from Jamee's blog. Anyway, was nice chatting with you at the toy party.
:) Nicole Fowler

Jenny Seymore said...

Can I please just tell you that I am sitting here picturing her with the ribbon belt, huge bows and sporty little outfit at cheerleading tryouts one day! I can't believe that is the stuff that we actually wore!! I think that I may have even checkered my socks??? Good Lord!!