Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me Too Mommy

One of Ally's favorite things to say is "Me too Mommy!" Meaning everything Molly does she wants to do!
Well Wednesday she got to start her school too.
She was very pouty before we left but was running down the hall to her class. When asked what she did at school that day her reply was, "I play babies!"
Pooh attended school as well, as the kids were supposed to bring their favorite bear. Pooh was the first thing I spotted as we were rushing to leave;)


The Wests said...

I just love that pout.

Susan said...

What a face, she is really cute!

Jennifer said...

Can I just pinch those sweet cheeks? That girl gets cuter every day!! I can't believe she talks that much! I need to chat with her so I can see that vocabulary span! We miss her in our class!!

Heather said...

I love that pic!!! Her little pout face is precious!