Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Babies All Around!

So a couple of days ago I mentioned that my old friend Jodi had her twin boys. I got to go see them on Sunday. I had BAD allergies, so I wore a mask, so as not to sneeze in their little faces:)

(Me with little Jack)

My other oldest of friends, Gretta went with me to visit Jodi and her boys. Did I mention she is pregnant with twins due at any moment!!!???? On my next visit to Waxahachie the last week in October I will have 2 more babies to visit.

My friend Julie who I mentioned a few days ago --- gave birth to her third beautiful daughter. Check out her beautiful babe over on the right at The Wimberlys.

Kind of makes me long for a 3rd---but only for a minute, then the longing stops:)


Lisa said...

Little Jack is so cute. I am sure Jodi was so glad to see you and Gretta.

Lisa said...
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The Wests said...

Oh come on, Em! A third one wouldn't be any trouble at all, would it?

Michelle said...

Remember ALL DAY sickness and the longing will stop!!!

Jack looks precious. Glad to hear everyone is doing well.