Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Geoffrey!

Today is my husband's 32nd birthday! Happy Birthday Babe! I can't believe we met when he was 21...time flies:)

Since my b-day was last week, we get to be the same age ever year for 1 week and then suddenly he's older again!

In honor of this special day, I will share 10 special facts about Geoff. I was going to do 32...but not sure my brain can handle that this morning.

1. He was born in Newton, Iowa and moved around a bit before finally ending up in Texas in middle school.
2. He will NOT eat anything green including all veggies (except broccoli) and lettuce or onions.
3. He LOVES stopping at the Texas Stop Sign (aka Dairy Queen) for a tasty treat!
4. He is a former car salesman...I think that only lasted a few months during a summer in college.
5. He is a true Aggie fan, through good and bad.
6. He appeared on the game show Wheel of Fortune with his best friend Nathan for Best Friends week back in 2001. Click here for a recap and picture!
7. He should have been an architect or landscape designer...he is very talented.
8. He had back surgery at age 27 and has the back of an 80 year old, but is tries to keep it in good shape:)
9. He loves his 2 girls so much and is the perfect daddy for them, playing barbies and all---good thing he has 2 sisters!
10. He is the best husband I could have ever hoped for. Love you!

The birthday boy and his new outdoor kitchen!


brickmomma said...

that is crazy how close we both are!!!

Jessica said...

Yo Geoff!
Love the pic of you and the grill! Can you EVER just smile in a picture? :)
I promise to get down soon to see you guys! I miss you !