Thursday, January 15, 2009

Molly turns F-I-V-E!!

Dear Molly Kate,

Today is your 5th birthday...yes, 5! You are so close to reading on your own, so you will be able to read this I am sure before your next birthday. Yes, 5 years ago today it was also a cold Thursday in January. Your Daddy and I went to the hospital at 7 am to be induced. A very easy induction and labor was followed by 3 pushes and you were here at 5:31 pm. We were totally amazed by you and fell in love with you instantly. As did all the other family members present and the entire hospital staff. I believe they were in awe of your cuteness with tons of curly black hair!

The years have passed us by with you growing so much each passing year!

Here you are on your very first birthday!

This was at your 2nd birthday party--a Cowgirl Party!

Your 3rd birthday opening a package of gum (you weren't allowed gum until age 3!) --notice baby sister in the background!

Celebrating the big #4!

We truly love all that you bring to our family. Daddy and I thank God for you every day. This year you started PreK and you are learning so much. You live life full of wonder, joy and complete DRAMA!! Sometimes I totally look up to you...even though you are a couple of feet shorter. We are thinking you are going to grow up to be a doctor or a vet. You are really into science (taking after Mommy the former science teacher). You LOVE watching The Magic School Bus and learning how things work, you are intrigued by Mystery Diagnosis on the Discovery Health Channel, and you are always worried about getting something inflected (aka infected) or not being hydrated. Mommy feels good knowing that in old age I will have you to take care of me:)

Here you are today, your birthday, after celebrating with your friends at school and a yummy chicken nugget lunch from McDonalds! Tonight is grilled hot dog and mac&cheese per your request. Tomorrow lots of family is coming and we will celebrate even more at your party on Saturday. Happy 5th Birthday, Molls!
Love Always,


Sam and Courtney said...

Happy Birthday, Molly! You are beautiful!

Bonding with the Barron's said...

Happy Birthday Molly! We will see you tomorrow! Jamey and I are looking forward to Mt. Aggie. Love, Nic

Allison said...

What an exciting birthday. I never would have guessed that Molly looked so much like Ally when she was younger. Your girls are beautiful!

HaileyB said...

That is such a sweet letter to Molly. I know she will love reading that in the years to come. I look forward to hearing about the party. It sounds really cool!

Jenny Seymore said...

Happy Birthday Miss Molly!! I enjoyed getting a little look into your past birthday pictures. Have fun at your party tomorrow!!!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Molly!!

Jen Crane said...

happy birthday molly girl!! we did fall in love with you the day you were born - aunt jen got to hold you when you were just a couple minutes old and i was sooo happy! me, kenna and laney are sad we couldn't be at your party but we know you had LOTS of fun!! wow! we can't believe you are FIVE! a whole hand!! we are so proud of you and want you to come visit us SOON! love you sweet girl!!