Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We are still Alive!

It was brought to my attention by my sister-in-law that I have neglected my blog for quite some time.

It amazes me how busy we all get during the Holiday season. We had a great Christmas/New Years. We stayed here at home for Christmas Eve and for Santa to come visit Christmas morning, then we headed north to Waxahachie to have Christmas with my family. Then, the Myers family joined us here in Bryan for New Years!

I will try to pick out some of my favorite pics from all the Christmas festivities!

The girls checking out all the goodies that Santa brought them!!

Ignore scary Mommy in the picture. Their favorite gifts were their bikes. Molly got a Barbie bike (with 2 wheels as she says) and Ally got a princess bike. Molly does great on hers, Ally doesn't quite get the pedaling part, but she will soon enough!

Molly teaching her little cousin Nolan who knows what-- he does look intrigued!

Ally peeking out of her and Molly's new puppet theatre from Mimi and Pops (aka Santa).

Molly riding her and Ally's new Giddy up and Go pony in her Fancy Nancy gear!

Laura and I in our Boy Mom/Girl Mom t-shirts

Poor Molly woke up on Saturday after Christmas sick. This is her while we were all opening gifts. She didn't open a single one before she started throwing up...we took her in and she had strep throat and a bad ear infection. It was later that afternoon when she finally was able to keep stuff down and felt better. Poor know she's sick if she isn't interested in presents!
For some reason I have no pics of our New Years with the Myers fam. Sorry. We had a great time watching movies, getting haircuts by Aunt Sisi (Geoff's sister Jessica) and eating lots of yummy food!!
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I am hoping 2009 proves to be a wonderful year!


Mary said...

Poor Ally. We are feeling your pain on that one for sure. Thanks for praying for my kids lately. It is a huge encouragment to know people are praying for healing :):)

The Wests said...

Cute pictures! See y'all soon.

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing!

I am so sorry she was sick. That does not make a fun Christmas for anyone!

Michelle said...

Looks like a fun Christmas...besides the sickness!!!

Warner Family said...

Glad you're back! We all had the stomach bug on/after Christmas, so I recognize the Tupperware catch-all pail! Yuck!

Mary said...

Ok I just read this post again (I'm so out of it I wasn't sure I'd read it,) and realized it was Molly who was sick. Wow change my "poor Ally" to "poor Molly." :)

Heather said...

Poor Molly! It looks like y'all had a great Christmas otherwise.

YOUR Santa needs to come to MY house...I think you have a better one! hehehe

brickmomma said...

My kiddos got bikes for Christmas, too! Santa must've had a lot of wheels at the North Pole!