Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9th

I know I posted about this last year, but this special date deserves another post this year.

10 years ago today - May 9, 1999 ( I believe it was a Friday)

Geoff and Emily go on their very first date. On Thursday night a large group of friends went dancing at Hurricane Harry's in College Station. Geoff and I were both in this large group as we had been many times before. We danced, I danced with many guys as he would tell it. He casually asked me if I was "dating" anyone. I said no. He said lets go out. I said okay. He called the next morning and we made plans for the evening. We went out with his friend Jason who at the time was dating my friend Emily. We went to Cafe Capri in Downtown Bryan. We then went to George Bush Presidential Library and walked/talked for hours. I have a good picture of us from that night, I was going to try to scan it in, until I tried to take it out of the frame. I guess 10 years of being in there has made the picture stick to the glass so I didn't want to ruin the picture by taking it out. So I tried to take a pic of it with the camera. We shall see how it turns out! Needless to say our relationship took off from there and we were engaged 7 months later and married the next year! Thank you Lord for bringing such a wonderful man into my life on this very day and for the plans for our future that you knew before we did.

Also to be noted on this day-
May 9, 2003- 6 years ago today.
Found out we were pregnant with Molly Kate. What an exciting Mother's Day weekend. Can't believe that was 6 years ago.

Happy Mother's Day!

Off to our Myers Family (minus Geoff- he is working) inaugural swim out here at Traditions. It has been so hot, I am ready to hit the pool. Wish me luck!


GreenPrint Mgmt said...

I love you too, sweetie - what a blessing you are! You continually amaze me with your capacity for remembering dates, and your accuracy with time/date-oriented things. Probably because I am so horrible with dates and time frames! Great post, and here's to many more decades of life together.

mommaof3 said...

sweet sweet sweet!

happy anniversary! our first date occured on april fool's day....seems rather appropriate, looking back ;)

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary & Mother's Day!