Saturday, June 20, 2009

Say goodbye to Paci- Bye Bye!

The Paci Fairy paid Miss Ally a visit last night. You see Ally is sneaking up on 3 years old (in November) and Mommy has known for quite some time that the paci needed to go. But Ally has always loved her paci and I hated to take away her comfort.

Earlier this week the Tooth Fairy came to see Molly so we decided it was time for the Paci Fairy to come as well.

Ally left her Paci in a little bowl on her piano. She was a good girl and only asked for it for a minute or so at bedtime. She slept thu the night without waking up and asking for it. This morning she discovered the paci fairy had indeed come and left her 5 dollar bills. She is excited to go to Target today to spend her cash. She says she wants a dress. She is her Mom's daughter---clothes come before toys!!


Mary said...

Woohoo Ally big girl! You never know what you'll find at Target...

HaileyB said...

Oh my gosh! As the mother of a paci loving daughter, that picture makes me want to cry! They are growing up too fast on us. I guess that means the paci fairy will be stopping by our house soon.