Monday, November 16, 2009

And then you were 3...

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Allyson Brooke!

Wow...I can't believe you are 3 already. Last night we all watched the video from when you were born. Looking back, I can't believe that was you--that teeny tiny black haired little baby. Watching it, it made me so proud of you and how much you've grown and the little girl you have become. But also a little sad- because it all goes so fast!

We started celebrating on Saturday with a party at Powersports with all your little friends and some family. Today you went to school and munched on #3 decorated cookies with your school friends. We had cookie cake after school and Chuck E. Cheese for dinner!

I looked back at last year's blog and last year I named 10 of your favorite things at age 2. So I only thought it would be appropriate to list your 10 favorites at age 3:
1. Singing - especially songs on the radio. Thanks to Mommy's addiction to Kidd Kraddick (goes way back to childhood) you are a fan of top 40. Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are some serious faves:)
2. Dancing - you love to dance--we bought you a CD player for your room so that you can dance your heart out!
3. Dress-up clothes - you love tutus and crowns
4. Snow White- she is your favorite princess. You were Snow White for Halloween this year and are super excited that you got the DVD for your b-day.
5. Aggravating your sister--you have learned what pushes her buttons and you love to push!
6. Pepperoni and Fried rice- you are a PICKY eater with a capital P - but you love random things that we would have never guessed. You will gobble up Pepperonis and fried rice if given the opportunity.
7. Your friends- you love all of your little friends, friends from school, gymnastics, Bible Study, friends from everywhere.
8. Helping me clean- since Molly is in Kindergarten - it's you and me most of the time. You like to swiffer and get your duster out and help mommy do some cleaning.
9. Milk - you are still a big fan of milk. I am so glad-- Molly didn't touch milk much after age 2 - so I am happy that you are still a fan-- even if you favor chocolate:)
10. Sharing the love- you tell Mommy and Daddy and even sometimes Molly that you love us and are always willing to share a sweet hug.

You are a sweet, sweet little girl and we love you very much!!!


Mary said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday big girl! She sounds like tons of fun.

Kid Kraddick. Remember when he was at our hotel in Florida during nationals? It was a blessed event running into him in the gift shop!