Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Sultan's Soiree 2009

Well Jr. League Ball has come and gone. I am proud to say that it was a success. Myself, Julie Kennedy and Whitney all chaired the Auction for Ball. It was a hard 8 months of work --but worth it at the end.

This post is dedicated to my friend Whitney (of the Wests on my blog list). She worked tirelessly on Auction with us but was unable to come to ball because she is pregnant with her 2nd baby and due today- the day after ball. We for sure thought Willa would make her appearance early but she hasn't! So poor Whitney had to stay at home during ball. So some of these pics are for her benefit as she didnt get to see The Zone Club transformed into a Mediterranean Wonderland:)

Me and my princesses who were so sad they could not go to Ball! (Yes that's Ally in the red wig!)

Julie and I before the hard work of Ball began:

The Ballroom at The Zone club-- home of our Soiree!

One of our auction tables:

One of the table decorations:

Me and my super handsome date:

Geoff in an intense Auction Spotters meeting with our Auctioneer- David Coleman, who did a fabulous job.

The Sultan and myself:

A close up of Geoff and I--note my bling! David Gardner's lets the Ball Committee pick out jewels for ball- I was sporting 3 beautiful David Yurman pieces (earrings, necklace and bracelet).

My friend Trisha and I moments before I became Cinderella and the David Gardner's girls came and took my jewels away!

Way to go JL ladies! It was a fantastic event!


The Wests said...

You are the best friend! That made me so happy. I'm missed being there but know it was done so well by you and Julie!!!

Quick Design Company said...

What a fabulous job!! Can you send me those pics of the ballroom and centerpieces. Somehow I didn't get any pics of those things!

The Barnards said...

You look gorgeous, as always!!! The place looks beautiful too! Looks like your hard work paid off.