Monday, December 17, 2007

Aggie Hoops and Santa

Over the weekend we took the girls to the Aggie Women's Basketball game. The hour before the game they have a special kids time on the court. They are able to play basketball on the practice courts. Molly loved it, she was all over the place. Ally really enjoyed it as well, but I was trying to make sure she dodged all the flying basketballs. Santa was also at Reed Arena. So Molly had to tell him about the scooter she wants one more time! Notice who is not in the picture. Ally screams when we see Santa. She love to look at pictures of "ta" but the real deal is pretty scary! We only lasted about 15 minutes of the game, it was a later game and both girls were entering meltdown mode. This Wednesday the hubby and I are heading to the men's game with no kids! Looking forward to enjoying my Aggie Hoops in peace.