Friday, December 28, 2007


I have a long Christmas wish list for after Christmas. Me and the hubby decided not to buy each other gifts and get a couple of things we want/need after Christmas.

I desperately need a new digital camera. Ours is older than Molly and has been dropped numerous times. It is soooooo slow too. What kind to you recommend?? Not wanting to pay a fortune of course.

Also shopping for a laptop. Those computer savvy readers out there, what kind do you have or like? I am clueless about buying a computer.

Last, I need a new vacuum cleaner. One that is good for wood floors. I love these new wood floors, but they are driving me nutso! They are tough to keep clean....

Open to your suggestions:)


Alisha Beard said...

Your wish list looks a lot like mine! I can offer suggestions for the digital camera. We got one from Kyle's parents...a Nikon Coolpix...I like's almost as small as a cell phone, so it's easy to keep in my purse. BUT, depending on what features you really want, the Canon Rebel is THE camera! I really hope to get one before too long (Kyle was planning to get it for me for our anniversary in Feb, but now I guess I'll wait a while longer). The Rebel is awesome, and you can get it a Costco for around $500. It is bigger because you can adjust the lens yourself if you want, but it can take 3 frames per second, so you never miss any of those cute expressions on the kids faces while you are waiting for the camera to take the picture!

OK...that's all I've got for ya! Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas, and we'll be seeing you at Chuck E Cheese sometime in the new year!

Emily said...

May have to visit Costco with you in the know BCS doesn't have one:)

The Wests said...

Girl, talk to Woody about all the electronic stuff. I am clueless!