Thursday, December 13, 2007

Introducing my precious nephew...

My very first nephew, Nolan, was born yesterday...12-12-07 at 12 pm. He is just so darn cute. My brother and sister-in-law are doing great. What a wonderful Christmas gift for them. I am having so much fun looking at all the cute blue boy things...I'm so used to seeing pink:)


brickmomma said...

M was so proud, thoug hshe said she hasn't held him yet.....

Julie & Jack Perry said...

i tried to email you...but it didn't work.

congrats to your brother & sister-in-law! how fun that they'll have cousins close in age!

so here's the email for everyone to see: [oh and my email is]

hey emily!

no problem about the link - i added yours also. :) oh we'd love to come and visit. i think the kiddos are so close in age that they'd get along great! we'll definitely have to plan something soon. i know jack would love to see geoff!

your girls are precious! i can't believe how much molly has grown in a year! when did her hair straighten out? she's simply beautiful! ally is stinkin' cute herself and looks like alot of fun! funny how molly looks like you and ally like geoff!

loved your christmas card! thanks for including us and sending us one.

we'll come and visit soon - after the new year is perfect for us!

have a good weekend, julie