Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Enemy

This is THE ENEMY.
We got this for Christmas. I had been wanting one for years! Yesterday marked the 5th time (at least) that I have nearly amputated a finger! Geoff has made me step away and not use it anymore! Me and sharp knives apparently aren't good together.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day from The Myers. Unfortunately it has gotten difficult to take good picture of both girls together. This morning Molly was very sad that she had to wear her V-day shirt as it was red and red was not her favorite. So here is the best of them together and one of my baby munchkin saying "Cheeee"!


Jen Crane said...

em - i can't get over how much ally is looking like a little girl! like we say to delaney all the time... "stop growing RIGHT NOW!" :) let's get the girls together soon... love you! jen

HaileyB said...

Obviously the person that gave you the knives did not give you any pennies. My mom was taught that if you give someone knives as a gift you have to give them a penny for each knife so that they will not cut themselves. It's one of the superstitions that she was taught by her mom. If I'm counting correctly, it looks like someone owes you 17 cents in pennies - not counting the scissors and sharpener. :-)