Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Fairtytale...

Once upon a time a beautiful princess, Molly, got ready for the ball (Daddy/Daughter Valentine's dance). She wore a beautiful princess dress and was very excited.

Her thoughtful Prince Charming (Daddy) got her a wrist corsage of her favorite colored flowers, purple and pink.

She was so excited she kept telling the Prince..."Thank you for my flowers!"
The princess and the prince posed for a couple of more pictures before they left for the ball.

The princess practiced a few twirls and
got in the carriage (Camry) and drove away!!

The prince was too nervous about losing the camera at the ball, so we have no more pictures. But a great time was had. Dancing, eating, playing, making V-day crafts!

Poor sister had to stay home with Mommy but she got to eat her favorite, Mac and Cheese! Maybe next year she can go to the ball as well!
And everyone lived happily ever after.


Jen Crane said...

what a wonderful story... :) up until the part when the prince freaked out about the camera :) so funny! those pics are absolutely priceless! too cute!!

love y'all!


Warner Family said...

Oh my cute! That is the sweetest fairy tale I've ever read! I know they had a great time!

The Wests said...

So glad they had fun! When the babies are old enough, the guys can take all the ladies!

brickmomma said...

Good story! I am glad our husbands are so hands on. I heard about a Daddy who refused to take his princess. How sad is that?

Sam and Courtney said...

What a priceless story! I loved looking at all the pictures from the big date!