Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The cook and her helper

Took a picture of Molly aka Sleeping Beauty making some Valentine's cookies today.
It would not have been possible without the help of her trusty assistant...
(notice the open drawers, which was followed by pulling out all sorts of stuff!)

Molly's different glasses are a result of Ally breaking her other ones on Sunday during the Super Bowl. Molly is not happy that Ally broke her favorite Barbie glasses and I am upset that no one seems to sell them or any similar in this town! We found one pair that are pretty close but we are waiting until we go back to the eye doctor in Austin next week to make sure her prescription doesn't change before we spend the $$ on a new pair. I guess we've done pretty good. She's had them for almost a year and this is our first breakage! So until we get the new ones, Molly will be wearing her spare pair, her Dora glasses, that make her (in her words) look "weird"!