Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sad day in Aggieland

Yesterday was the much anticipated 1st Aggie game of the coach, new era. Excitement was all around.

The girls donned their Aggie attire

Our friends the Hueske's came in for the day (we swam, we ate, we played, we posed on the front porch...)

Ally and Noah

Molly and Jaycee

Geoff was thrilled that he and some buddies were all going to the big game together. Jason (Hueske--Geoff's friend from HS and college) and fam came up, as did Stephen (Geoff's roommate from college who is also the brother of Geoff's sister's husband:), and David (brother-in-law).

Here are the guys right before leaving for the stadium. Notice the smiles.

Stephen, Geoff, David and Jason

When the guys returned there were no smiles. The Ags lost 18-14 to ARKANSAS STATE! Needless to say it's gonna be a long, hard season.


The Wests said...

It was a sad day in Aggieland. But I like Geoff's beard!

Michelle said...

Listening to it on the radio was heart breaking! I was so excited the first quarter, and then...

The girls look super cute!

Warner Family said...

"Yoy!" I bet that was thrown around quite a bit! How fun to see the picture of the guys, though! Y'all need to become Georgia Bulldogs for the season! :-)

Lisa said...

The girls look so beautiful. I love how Ally islooking at that little boy like "why are you on my chair"...sorry about the game

brickmomma said...

I just like that it looks like some guy is sitting on Geoff's lap :)