Sunday, June 27, 2010

Barbies in the Bathtub

A friend of mine from church inspired this post.
You see, she's the mom of 3 grown girls. And now a grandmother. (Although you'd NEVER guess when you meet her). She recently posted on my Facebook that one of my posts reminded her of when her girls used to leave barbies in the bathtub. She reminded me to cherish these moments with these little girls, because they will pass so quickly.

This very much sums up this phase of my life...Barbies in the Bathtub.

(yes here was naked barbie in the girls' bathtub--tried to cover her up a bit,she's very modest!)

You see having 2 girls, barbies are everywhere...

What a great reminder from somebody who's been there. Every day I feel like I walk around hunched over picking up toys, barbies, dress up clothes. I feel like I'm always saying, "Clean this, pick up that." Many days I am frustrated. But soon this will be replaced with girls closing themselves in their rooms, not wanting Mommy to play princess with them. They will have cell phones and friends, and boyfriends (not til they're 30!).

Just a friendly reminder to Enjoy Each Moment! Thank you Lord for blessing me with 2 beautiful princesses.


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

ohhh, this makes me want little girls! :)

Tammy Myers said...

Your friend is very wise. What she says is true. Enjoy them. Time goes way too fast.