Friday, June 18, 2010

A Tale of 2 Dancers...

The girls wrapped up Dance Camp this morning. They both learned so much this week and had a great time dancing and meeting new friends. We are already looking forward to next summer!

My girls' 2 distinct personalities truly shine through in their dancing!

Ally -

She is my adventerous one. Not scared. Having a good time. Go with the flow.

(here is a link to her doing her lyrical dance)


She is my cautious one. She gets nervous. Doesn't smile too much. Always checking to make sure she is doing it just right.

(here is a link to Molly's ballet dance)And yes, guess who's shoe is always untied after school...same girl who was the only one with her ballet shoe untied!

It cracks me up how very different the girls are. Molly is so intense and dramatic while Ally is equally dramatic but loves to be the center of attention. Molly was terrified that someone was going to laugh at her, and Ally was delighted to have all eyes on her.

The girls also each did a ballet, lyrical, jazz and hip-hop number. They did awesome. We are very proud of them!


HaileyB said...

Fun videos! Sweet Molly is intense in that video. She's thinking very hard. Ally looked great too!

Tammy Myers said...

So adorable! They are growing up so fast.

Tammy Myers said...

So adorable! They are growing up so fast.