Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Parent's Worst Nightmare

2 posts in 2 days...AMAZING!

Last night our Sunday School class had a party out at the ranch of some of our church members (who are also the parents of 2 ladies in our class).

This place is AWESOME! They have a splashpad and playground, every kid's dream come true.

They also have an INCREDIBLE pool. As we were walking up to the pool after dinner, I reached into our pool bag to get Molly her goggles, put them on her, arranged a couple of things and was getting Ally's life jacket for her. I turned around to put it on her.

"Where is Ally?" I said. I didn't see her to my left, to my right. Straight ahead, the pool!

The sun was starting to go down so there was a glare, but there in the pool I could see the top of my baby's head going down. I jumped in as quickly as possible and got her out.

She had taken in a lot of water and was gagging and gasping for air. After about 3 minutes, she was completely fine. For a lifetime - I will not. The image of Ally's head under that water will forever stick with me. It is quite honestly one of my worst nightmares.

What ifs playing in my mind. What if instead of turning to look for her, I'd started talking to one of the other mom's around me, got caugt up in a conversation? I try not to think of those things and just thank God for watching over her and I that night.

It was a reminder to me to always (especially when going to a new pool) go over the rules. No getting in the pool without permission, etc. It scared Ally. It scared Molly and it terrified Geoff and I.

On a happier note. We had a wonderful time with church friends and look forward to many more!


Kelly said...

I am so sorry. So very scary. I am glad she is ok. What Sunday School class are you going to?

Jennifer said...

Hugs to you and Ally. Love that girl. Sorry you had to go through that. Thank goodness for your mommy instinct!

Jennifer said...

WOW, sorry you had to go through that. I had the same thing happen with my son a few years ago. It was very scary. We do go over the rules and my little ones are not even allowed to walk by the pool without their lifejackets on. Thank God she is ok.

Warner Family said...

Ugh. That makes me feel sick! It's so amazing how quickly that can happen, even when we think we've been so careful! Thanks for the reminder!!

HaileyB said...

How scary! That made my heart race just reading it. Thank God she is ok!