Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calling All Travelers!

Need HELP!

Geoff and I are going on vacation...to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas)... in September.
Passports --- CHECK
Flight --CHECK
Mimi coming to watch girls -- CHECK


We've been lookint at a couple of resorts (that celebrities frequent) and decided we're not willing to shell out the $$ for those.

Has anyone been to Cabo? Where did you stay? What did you think?

I have a hard time just looking online and booking a place without anyone recommending it!

Thanks in advance for all the advice:)


Lisa said...

I think you and I should go ahead and scout out the hotel situation down in Mexico...just to make sure we pick the right one. I am sure our families wouldn't miss us for a week OR two:)Then you can tell Geoff that you did extensive research for your getaway :)

Emily said...

love the idea Lisa!!! Is tomorrow too soon:)?

HaileyB said...

I'm sorry to hear that my recommendation of Las Ventanas didn't work out. I like your friend Lisa's idea! I think I should join you as an experienced tour guide! :-)

Jenny Seymore said...

I wish that I could say I've been myself, but my parents have been numerous times. I asked and he told me that he never stayed anywhere that wasn't nice & relaxing. I'm not sure of the cost but he really enjoyed ME Cabo (Melia) and the Pueblo Bonito resorts. He said there were several Pueblo resorts and that there is a website www.pueblobonito.com to check them out. Maybe this will be of some use to you!

Wish I were going!!!

Lisa said...

Okay so that's you, me, and Hailey...I'll see you tomorrow cocktails in hand for our Mexican getaway...one can dream ...can't she.

Unknown said...

Hi Emily! I saw your blog on Forbes page amongst many others... My boss just got back and he stayed at the Riu Palace. Pretty nice resort and it's all-inclusive.

Jennifer said...

If I don't gain too much weight by then, can I hide away in your suitcase? Well, thanks for your sweet comment. Glad I got to meet you guys as well. I will keep tabs on my Ally-girl, and I will tell Kanton to keep Molly out of trouble! Ha.

Allison said...

Our friends recently stayed at Casa del Mar and LOVED it...they have really good taste and I think it's less than $400/night