Friday, July 18, 2008

Feeling a little like Koi Pond

My girls are visiting Mimi and Pops for a few days.
What does a couple do when they find themselves a few days without kids?

Paint your entire kitchen and dining room of course!

We've been painting since about 10 this morning, I got to sleep in this morning until 9!!

We're still working...well, Geoff is. I'm taking a much needed "break" after hours of rolling!!

We chose a sage green color called Koi Pond. Hopefully I will like the finished product, because I don't want to start over!!

We're having a good time. Last night we hung out at The Johnstons along with the Wests. Geoff and I played bowling and tennis on the WII!! FUN!!

Tongiht we're going out for dinner, not sure where yet?

Tomorrow...the pool, pedicure, who knows.


Heather said...

Ooooh! I hope you enjoy your pampering day tomorrow. I need one too! I love the color you chose. We will be doing our kitchen soon and are going with a color very similar.

Quick Design Company said...

like the color!!

Quick Design Company said...
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Michelle said...

He, He...We are redoing our kitchen as well! I love your color! Enjoy your time to yourself!

brickmomma said...

Sounds fabulous to me. I am kidless, as well, but I have the flu or something else equally debilitating.....sad day.

Enjoy your weekend without Snuffy!

Susan said...

Like your kitchen! Enjoy your weekend!

Lisa said...

Love the color. Isn't sleeping in the most wonderful thing on earth???

The Wests said...

It looks sooo good! Come paint mine !