Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Loving Life at Lost Pines

We took the girls to the Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop. We had a great time. We only stayed for one night...which was perfect for us. If you haven't been and you live in BCS or anywhere for that matter and have kids it is a must!!

They are so family oriented. Great pool, slide, lazy river.
Great spa...facial was awesome, put me right to sleep.
Good food and ice cream (we had 4 desserts after dinner!!)
Activities...smores, pony rides, bike riding, playground, movies, etc.

Going on vacation means you get to:

Watch Finding Nemo in your swimsuit while waiting on (ah hem) Daddy to finish eating!

Float down the lazy river and go super fast!!!

Wear a matching hat like your sister and enjoy an ice cold beverage...(daddy had an adult beverage...notice right!)

Gallop in the open plains...only pretending of course!

Rock in a rocking chair while one sister looks astonished, the other looks annoyed!

Stand next to a ginormous tree and bask in it's hugeness!

Roast smores with your daddy!

Eat the smores and make a mess!

Looking out at the Colorado River.

Practice our front rolls

Run, Run and Run some more

And Fall!

Not a Kodak moment:
-Ally waking up and screaming at 2:55 a.m. ...solution move to bed with Daddy.
-Daddy making us evacuate Lost Pines at 8:30 am due to Tropical Storm Edouard.

All in all...a FUN trip.


Michelle said...

That looks so fun! I might need to take a trip there!

The Wests said...

It is great to have that kind of resort less than an hour and a half away. Glad y'all had fun!

Heather said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast! Love all the pics!

brickmomma said...

We were supposed to go last weekend, but that durn parasite kept us home.....maybe next year.

Glad you had fun!!!