Friday, August 22, 2008

Go Kappa

My parents are in town visiting. Tonight Geoff and I took advantage by going out to dinner -- alone! We hit up Pei Wei, along with several of the what seems like millions of Aggies who have invaded our city within the last few days. (I have almost gotten hit by a few of these crazy drivers -- another story).

On the way home we swung down sorority row. Rush was just winding down. I think tonight was bid night. They do it differently than when I went thru rush um, 12 years ago!!

Anyways, as we got close to the bank, I mean the Kappa house, lots of memories "RUSHED" back to me:) The KKGs were partying on the back porch, live band, bouncy house, strobe lights....ok Aggie Kappas, did we ever get to do this??? NO!

Anyways, yes I pledged Kappa in the Fall of 1996. Small town girl who didn't know a single soul. What a blessing for me. I made some wonderful friends and have so many good memories. I can only pray that there may be a quiet, scared girl at that KKG party tonight who encounters such amazing friends as I through the organization.

Turner, Gilley, Karin, Croft, Jarvis, Lackey --- I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!

(I have scoured my computer for a good pic of all my Kappa buddies--if only I had a scanner -- here is all I can find--missing Gilley (she left sick) and Karin (who is out of the state)--we added some extras... but Bottom: Croft, Jarvis, Turner Top: Lackey, Turner's friend Lindsey, Me, and Turner's friend Annie)


The Wests said...

Those crazy Kappas! I'm sure you were in charge of the strobe light in your day.

Warner Family said...

So sweet! Thank goodness I stuck with it after that first awkward night! Can I just tell you that before reading the caption to your picture, I looked at it for a good MINUTE trying to figure out which one I was! Ha-- you too!