Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Portraits from PreK

Today was the day. Molly started PreK. I know it's not official Kindergarten but it was emotional for me. She will go Monday-Friday (8-3), I am picking her up early a couple of days a week.

She is going to the greatest Christian school. It is right across the street from our neighborhood. Geoff will take her to school on his way to work everyday and then Ally and I will do pick up in the afternoons. She has wonderful teachers and is very excited -- especially about the playground.

She got up this morning eager to begin school. My tears had already been flowing from the night before. I don't know why. It's not much different from her preschool last year (3 days a week). It's just the thought that she's another year grown up independent. She didn't really even want us to walk her to her class this morning.

She tells me she is shy around new people. She is not, she got her daddy's outgoing personality. Hopefully she will never be persecuted for shyness like her mother was (long story--I was labeled a snob before I even knew what that meant, I was severely shy when I was younger).

We dropped her off at 8:00 only to be called at 8:30...she'd had an "accident",needed a change of clothes! GREAT. Back to school (thankfully right across the road). When I went in it turned out to be really nothing at all and we didn't even need to change her clothes...but she was the line leader for today and her class was walking down the hall. She was surprised to see me and a little ticked that I pulled her out of Line Leader duty. But in the confines of that hall restroom, I hugged my little girl close, as her face beamed from her excitement of the first 30 minutes of her school career. Then I watched her hurriedly return to her spot as the line leader. As I pulled out of the school parking lot her class was walking outside (touring the school I suppose) and I watched so proudly my precious firstborn-- the one who made me a mom, smiling as she listened to her teacher. I'm so proud!


Papa Myers said...

SWEET words on a big day for the Aggieland Myers!!! So proud of our mature little girlie and her cute pics!
Love you all lots,

Lisa said...

Oh I'm crying. Andrew starts preschool next month so I am sure I will lose it. What a wonderful mommy you are...the girls are so lucky!!

Michelle said...

So, that just made me cry! She looked so cute for her big first day. Keep us updated on the Pre K adventures!

Kelly said...

She is such a cutie, and was using her manners so good today. They came to my class for a few minutes today, and I complimented her on her bows and she said thank you so sweetly. She seemed to be having an awesome day! Isn't amazing how quickly they grow?!?

Jen Crane said...

yeah thanks... now i'm an emotional basketcase :) (even more so than usual :)) such a big girl! we are sooo proud!! i'll be sure and post pics of delaney's 1st day - crying when i let my youngest go off to school and then tears of joy when i realize i'm freeeeeeee!! :)

ha ha - love you girl!


Missy said...

Hey Emily!

Allison pointed me to your blog. Very cute! I think that Molly and I actually have the same pair of glasses. She looks way more confident in hers than I was when I was her age though!

Both your children are just beautiful, I'll have to keep up on here and see how you guys are. :)

~ Amber

Kelly said...

Oh she is so good, she'll be great. Brayden got upset when he came in my room and they had assigned seats and his was not next to Molly. It was so cute!

Heather said...

Awww! After reading your post, it makes me curious if I will be emotional when Parker starts school. I am thinking probably not. Not that I won't miss him when he's away, but I'm thinking it will give me a bit of a much needed break!

She looked so precious on her first day of school! Do they have to wear uniforms everyday?

I hope your week gets easier!

Susan said...

She looks so cute and grown up! I got tears in my eyes reading your first day experience! It is hard to believe that our kids are another year older and so grown up!

Julie & Jack Perry said...

i'm with alot of your friends. i'm crying...jackson starts on the 25th. i think i might have camped out in that bathroom to finish my cry-fest for a little while after a sweet hug.

she is just precious!

brickmomma said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only one who got emotional reading this post!!

We have just over a week before the big day. Oh my.

I don't want them not to grow up and sometimes the days seem so long, but dang, 5 days a week already?????

Warner Family said...

I am crying. :-)

Natalie said...

She is precious! What an emotional day! I would be a mess. I love reading your blog. It made me teary eyed too.

Jenny Seymore said...

I hear you sister! Luke has been going to preschool for a while now but he fought it every single day! Monday was his first official day of K4 too, when I took him in I fully expected him to cry or whine but NO...he just wanted me out of there so her could begin his day. It's scary just how fast they are growing up...sad too!