Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sushi and Sweat

Tonight we enjoyed our every other month Dinner Club. There are 7 couples and we alternate who decides where we go.(There are 5 couples in the pic as one couple left already and one didn't make it to dinner.) This month was Atami (Japanese Cuisine). We all sat around the hibachi and had a great time. A big thank you to the Lingren's for organizing and to Scott for making me try his scorpion roll. VERY yummy. I was not a fan of sushi but have realized I do like certain kinds (the kind without seaweed). And thank you to the Wests for suggesting our walk over to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream dessert:)

So that's the sushi on to the sweat.

Our AC is broken. Luckily our house has 2 units--one on each side. Our bedroom, guest room, kitchen and playroom are all NO AC! The girls rooms are fine as well as the Living room. Last night I slept on Molly's trundle and Geoff on the couch. I apologize to all who have ever slept on the trundle. It was like a rock. I woke up at 3:15 and contimplated waking up my child to see if she would switch beds with me:) I didn't,I let her sleep comfortably. Tonight I vowed to sleep in comfort no matter the temp. We have 3 fans blowing on our bed so we will see. Let's all pray that Nacho (the AC guy) comes tomorrow to fix the problem!


Susan said...

Not a good time for the AC to go out! Hope it gets fixed soon!

You looked really cute in the couples picture!

The Wests said...

Oh no! If y'all need to come stay, please do!

Jenny Seymore said...

Oh I feel your pain! The last time our AC went out I begged Jon to just take me to a hotel, but NO we sweated it out. Trundle bed huh? That just makes me think of jr. high sleep overs!

Lisa said...

Come on Nacho...please help the Myer's in their time of need. The dinner club looked like a lot of fun.

HaileyB said...

We missed getting to see you guys! I hope everyone understood why we weren't there. Our weekend trip was so much fun, but I couldn't have turned around and left Jenna again last night. See you and Ally in the morning!